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Dr. John Quackenbush was always a caring and patient first at all costs type of doctor in out patient clinic while doing our rotations. He was always interested in finding the most effective treatment to reduce lost time from work and family as well as getting you out of pain fast.Some things I remembered most was his high integrity and his witty humor provided smiles and as we all know laughter is one of the most effective medicines. Give him a call.
Mark Z
Dr. John Quackenbush is a very capable doctor, I am honored to recommend him.
George N
Dr. John is a great guy and a great Chiropractor, If you want someone who is honest and loves his patients then Dr. Q. is your guy!
Ryan W
I have always known Dr.Quackenbush to be an excellent Chiropractor. His orientation has always been ‘patient need’ first and he delivers this care with his own unique style and flair. I am honored to be his colleague
Elliot E
Hey I got an adjustment by Dr Quackenbush and it was the best adjustment I have ever had. His staff is excellent also. His massage therapy program rocks!! Give this guy a try you’ll be glad you did.
Google User 1
I have had back pain for a number of years went to physical Therapy. I am sooo glad I met Dr Quackenbush because he really explained my problem to me in terms I could understand. He took his time on each appointment and his adjustments are very easy to have. The office was real nice and his support staff is just very helpful. I give them 5 out of 5 stars. Give them a call you’ll be glad you did!!
Google User 2
I grew up under chiropractic care, but when I moved to Arizona I didn’t pursue treatment right away until I had an emergency. I was referred to Dr.Quackenbush by a friend and was amazed that he made time for me that day! He saw me within hours, did all the necessary tests and x-rays and began treatment immediately. He made me feel very comfortable. The treatment has alleviated my backpain and I would highly recommend him to anyone. The doctor and staff are alert and friendly and the facility is incredibly sophisticated. I am so thankful to be back on a care plan again!
Heather V
Wow. It was great to see Dr. Quackenbush on FOX 10 News!! If you are looking for great family care, I highly recommend Dr. Quackenbush Fox 10 news-Back pack Safety The kids in the video were really cool and we really got some good air time to explain what happens to those little spine from carrying those heavy back packs…and I mean heavy.
Luke P
On Fox News!!
I was just playing with my grand child on the couch and he jumped into my arm and I felt something tug in my arm then the pain hit but seemed to subside. About three months later nothing helped massage and Chiropractic adjustments were just too painful at the time. My chiropractor referred me to Dr. Quackenbush who told me I had frozen shoulder. I decided to go with his recommendations for manipulation under anesthesia and I am good a new! Thanx Dr Q.
Patty M
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