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Where neck pain begins

Common Causes of Neck Pain

People in Phoenix and Scottsdale seek neck pain treatment for untold reasons. You may be a Weekend warrior, work extended hours at your computer station with improper positioning of the computer screen, keyboard and or computer chair or taking a slip and fall. Regardless of the cause of the neck pain, it is necessary to seek professional treatment from a team approach. The professionals at Phoenix Pain Treatment have put aside the differences that often exist between medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic to bring our practice members the best that medicine and chiropractic offers.

The five most dangerous words concerning your neck pain is “Maybe it will just go away.” These people believe that if the pain passes then they are healthy and really don’t need to see a doctor.

The Professionals at Phoenix Pain Treatment submit to you that more times than not the above is not the case, and you definitely know you have neck pain. It can be because you have an accident, wrestled with moving a piece of furniture or just never took care of your neck the first time you had neck pain.

People in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area seeking neck pain treatment have issues originating in one or more common areas of the neck, upper back or shoulder should choose Phoenix Pain Treatment. The spine and muscles in the back usually the main culprit producing lower back pain.

At Phoenix Pain Treatment we offer a variety of protocols that address the pain and inflammation with interventional pain management and correction of the underlying cause of your neck pain with chiropractic management.

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