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Where Back Pain Begins

How do Lower Back Injuries Occur?

People in Phoenix and Scottsdale seek lower back pain treatment for a variety of reasons. You may engage in sports a bit too enthusiastically; work extended hours at your desk in a bad position of posture for too long; or wrestling with your teenage son or daughter. Regardless of the cause of the lower back pain, it is necessary to seek professional treatment from a team approach. The professionals at Phoenix pain treatment have cut through the Red Tape that often exists between medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic to bring our practice members the best that medicine and chiropractic offers.

Some people, mostly men and rarely women, bear the pain for a few days or weeks in the hope that it will pass. These people believe that if the pain passes then they are healthy and really don’t need to see a doctor. The “Popular Press” says that most back pain will go away in one or two weeks. But what the “Popular Press” doesn’t tell you is that just because the pain goes away doesn’t mean that you are healthy and that your back is fine. These magazines don’t mention the fact that if you have suffered with lower back pain there usually is a structural or functional reason as to why you experienced this pain. More importantly you could still having an underlying structural problem that does not produce pain but over time becomes much worse until you do suffer the next bout of back pain. This is typical of someone who sneezes and their back will “go out” or they were just bending over to pick up a pencil and their back went out. Truth is they were an accident waiting to happen because they didn’t fix their back correctly the first time.

Then there are the times where the above is not the case, and you definitely know you have back pain. It can be because you have an accident, wrestled with the garage door or just never took care of your back the first time you had back pain. Obviously because of the intensity of pain the duration of pain or both lower back pain treatment protocols at Phoenix pain treatment strive to help you to be free from the pain and to correct the underlying cause of your pain and symptoms

People in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area seeking lower back pain treatment have issues originating in one or more common areas and should choose Phoenix pain treatment. The spine and muscles in the back are usually the main culprit producing lower back pain. Most problems originating in bones of the spine are a result of being misplaced or Subluxated. Other times the spaces between the bones called discs become Herniated discs, torn discs, and ruptured discs are common problems that can be successfully treated with chiropractic and interventional pain management. In addition, a lot of back pain originates from back muscles that have been strained or pulled. Those suffering from sore, aching, and painful backs, are usually suffering from muscle ailments.

At Phoenix pain treatment we offer a variety of protocols that address the pain and inflammation with interventional pain management and correction of the structural or mechanical cause of your back pain with chiropractic management.


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