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Degenerative Disc Disease

Phoenix Pain Treatment is Your Solution to Degenerative Disc Disease

Who else suffers with Degenerative Disc Disease?

  • Phoenix Pain Treatment Pain Management Quickly relieves the pain of your Degenerative Disc Disease!
  • Phoenix Pain Treatment Physical Medicine promotes a more complete healing without internal scar tissue!
  • Phoenix Pain Treatment Physical Medicine Shows You How To Strengthen your damaged tissues!

But this can only happen if you treat your Degenerative Disc Disease correctly!

That’s where our Physicians at Phoenix Pain Treatment come into play!!

Are you seeking an advanced level of treatment for the pain of your Degenerative Disc Disease? Do you want to ease the pain of your annoying Degenerative Disc Disease condition? Do you just want to get back to living a normal, active life? Why Not Free yourself from Degenerative Disc Disease pain!

Degenerative Disc Disease is the medical term for the most common injury that affects the neck back and spine all of these are very painful and can persist for years unless treated properly. Degenerative disc disease first starts as small tears appear in the disc causing pain and inflammation. When discs heal, they heal with scar tissue, which is not as elastic and resilient as normal tissue in the disc wall. Over time this tissue can weaken, causing the disc center to eventually collapse. Bone spurs can then form from the awkward positioning of the vertebrae. Nerve roots often become compressed and cause severe pain as well.

We have the protocols and methods that get you on the road to recovery from your Degenerative Disc Disease and we combine Physical Medicine with interventional pain management to treat the root cause of your injuries with the best that both Medicine and Chiropractic. See our Spinal Decompression vide.

Call us 602-449-9430 and we will see you today!!

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