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Whiplash from Car accident or Sports Injuries

Physical Rehabilitation for Whiplash Syndromes

Pain in the neck, shoulders, head or the base of the skull occur more often than not especially after an individual has suffered an accident or in head to head contact that frequently occurs in a variety of sports from amateur to professional levels and venues alike. Most recently this has been a hot topic of discussion in the football and soccer circles of athletes, coaches and concerned parents.

The Chiropractors and Medical Doctors at Phoenix Pain Treatment  opine that a majority of the patients with whiplash will notice a predictable decrease of pain in as short a few weeks or at most a few months, but just having less pain does not equate to being fully healed. Typically, 15 to 20% of people who suffer a “whiplash”, whether in a car accident or a sporting accident, develop chronic pain. Whiplash is, in no way, a trivial problem. It is a fact that after the pain has become chronic only 68% have recovered completely by one year and only 84% have recovered fully by two years. However, the symptoms of whiplash syndrome are not restricted to just pain. They include sleep problems, poor concentration and memory, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, fatigue and weakness.

In Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Pain Treatment offers physical rehabilitation, chiropractic and interventional pain management treatment for whiplash syndromes. Utilizing the best of both medicine and chiropractic your specific and customized Whiplash treatment depends on a few things – the stage and degree of the problem and which structures have been injured. If you have been in an car accident or sporting accident/collision chances are you suffered some form of whiplash and you should be examined whether you think “the pain will just go away” or not. If pain persists for more than six months, then there may have been more damage done than just soft tissue injury. This is usually due to the injury to the facet joints, one or more discs, or both. So why wait to be examined to see what your pain levels will do over a six month period of time? Rest assured that at Phoenix Pain Treatment your treatment consists of combining the best of the medicine and chiropractic has to offer whereas we deliver interventional pain management in tandem with Chiropractic management. This is a powerful two tiered protocol that is much more powerful than just having chiropractic or just having pain management by conventional standards.

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