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Adipose Stem Cell Treatment Vs Stem Cell Derivative Treatment

Be aware that literature available today both scientific as well as “clinical” driven results concerning “Adult” stem cell treatment as derived from your own adipose or fat cells, has always been held in high esteem. The abundant potential for stem cell treatment in the regeneration and repair of degenerated and damaged tissues has proven to be very successful. This is especially true of the cartilaginous lining of human joints both large and small. This adipose protocol also includes and is very effective for the joints of the spine specifically, the spinal facet joints.  Furthermore it has always been believed and now is “clinically” proven, by the court of public opinion, that the introduction of your own stem cells (autologous progenitor cells) into tissues that are damaged and degenerating is a viable and affordable option compared to other medical procedures such as steroid injections or even joint replacement.

Stem Cells derived from your own adipose or bone marrow are the only stem cells that can be defined as “live“ stem cells. All other stem cell therapy other than from you own adipose or bone marrow are defined as “Stem Cell Derivatives”. This is critically important in your journey to decide to have stem cell treatment.

However, and most importantly, when “live “stem cells or stem cell derivatives are introduced into the joint space of damaged or degenerating joints a cascade of healing substances and specific tissue growth factors such chemokines and cytokines that allows and promotes the stem cells to replicate indefinitely are released. This process is called paracrine signaling which leads to the differentiation process and the rebuilding or specific tissues.

When doctors take some of your adipose or bone marrow tissue it is called “harvesting”. So to get your own stem cells you must undergo a harvesting procedure. That means a needle puncture into your adipose of fat cells. So a needle is inserted into your fat cells and then processed so your “adult” stem cells can then be introduced or injected into the joint that is ailing you. If you choose to do bone marrow stem cell therapy then you would have to undergo a bone marrow puncture in either your hip (Iliac Crest) or your sternum. Neither choice will be fun and is quite painful. Circa 2006 this was considered to be relatively easy and somewhat non-invasive. However today there are several stem cell products known as “stem Cell Derivatives” that are processed from placenta linings and notochordal blood that do not require that you undergo a painful harvest procedure. The important scientific breakthrough is that the stem cell derivative products still stimulate the growth factor cascade, paracrine signaling, and tissue differentiation that allows for tissue repair. The controversy today is whether or not your own (autologous) adipose or bone marrow stem cell tissue is more effective than stem cell derivative treatment.


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