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Points Of Interest Nearby Phoenix Pain Treatment

Here Are Some Points Of Interest Nearby Phoenix Pain Treatment

Typically when undergoing certain pain management procedures like facet Joint Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, Radiofrequency Ablation, or Manipulation Under Anesthesia you will be required to have a driver to take you home safely when your pain management procedure requires anesthesia. So we thought it would be a good idea to list some points of interest near our pain management center.


Photo Courtesy of: Steve

Manistee Ranch

Address: Glendale, AZ 85301, USA

Main Phone: (623) 435-0072

Visit the Manistee Ranch Website

View Manistee Ranch on Google

Latitude: 33.5514471

Longitude: -112.1696102

Did you know that Manistee Ranch rates 4.7/5 based on 223 total ratings?

Reviews for Manistee Ranch

Lawrence Harmon

Lawrence Harmon 2/5 – 8 months ago

Cool history, neat place in the middle of the city. Great place for pictures. I’m giving the low star rating because of my last experience. We were at the extreme north end of the park, about 5:45pm. A city of Glendale truck came onto the property with it’s yellow beacon lights on(yellow flashing lights on top of the truck). The driver drove in part way, turned around and went back out the gate. We grabbed our stuff and headed that way, thinking it was his way of letting us know the park was closing(I supposed it was a half-hearted attempt at verifying all park goers where off property). As we got closer I heard him locking the gate so we started to jog a bit and called out to him. He got in his truck, hesitated when he heard me yelling from about 100 feet away(we locked eyes) and then shut the door and drove off! I ran up to the gate, jumped up and down and yelled for him to come back. He slowed and then accelerated out of the parking lot, as if deciding wether or not he would come back to let us out. This was inconvenient because the fence around the property is an anti-climb security fencing. If I had been disabled it would have been impossible to climb over the fence. Also, I could have been injured jumping the fence. Pretty irresponsible, rude and dangerous if you ask me.

Vennt Mitchell

Vennt Mitchell 5/5 – 7 months ago

Smooooth Love it XoXo 😘

Cathy Kuflik

Cathy Kuflik 5/5 – 9 months ago

My favorite Park to walk the dog picnic with my girls and enjoy the animals and creatures that live there.

Photo Courtesy of: douglas white jr

Estrella Star Tower

Address: Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear, AZ 85338, USA

Main Phone: (877) 386-6100

Visit the Estrella Star Tower Website

View Estrella Star Tower on Google

Latitude: 33.3731861

Longitude: -112.4017339

Did you know that Estrella Star Tower rates 4.5/5 based on 497 total ratings?

Reviews for Estrella Star Tower

IAZ Photo Studio

IAZ Photo Studio  5/5 – a month ago

I have come here to take many wedding and quinceañeras pictures. This was may latest. It is very quite and peaceful. Beautiful pictures all the time. Great scenery anywhere you turn you can take a nice photo.

Cody Harris

Cody Harris 3/5  2 months ago

I came here just out of curiosity after searching for local attractions.

When I arrived and got up to the tower there was a sign stating for Estella Park residents only.

I didn’t go up to the top due to the sign so please be aware of this if you intend to go.

It was beautiful to look at from the ground and the educational signs were informative and interesting. I’m sure it would be a beautiful sight at night from the top.

James Kenney

James Kenney 4/5- a month ago

Neat little spot to stretch the legs a bit. I went with my 5yo son and he thought it was cool and was able to get to the top without issue on a hot day.

Photo Courtesy of: Anne Stahley Carter

Glendale Xeriscape Garden

Address: 5959 W Brown St, Glendale, AZ 85302, USA

Main Phone: (623) 930-3596

Visit the Glendale Xeriscape Garden Website

View Glendale Xeriscape Garden on Google

Latitude: 33.5778586

Longitude: -112.1881041

Did you know that Glendale Xeriscape Garden rates 4.6/5 based on 618 total ratings?

Reviews for Glendale Xeriscape Garden

Tiffany Berrios & Jonathan McMichael

Tiffany Berrios & Jonathan McMichael 5/5 -in the last week

Awesome place togo and see Peecocks in groups . Amazing sight

Amador Aguilar

Amador Aguilar 3/5 -3 months ago

Since covid 19 this garden hasn’t been properly been taken care off. Maybe some day they will bring it back to what it was before. Till then we will wait. The peacocks are still there.if you like peacocks!…

Karen Osborne

Karen Osborne 5/5 -5 months ago

Always enjoy walking around at the Glendale Library. You see some very interesting plants, trees and even peacocks.

Photo Courtesy of: DEXRMI

Grand Canal Linear Park

Address: Glendale, AZ 85303, USA

Main Phone: (623) 930-2820

Visit the Grand Canal Linear Park Website

View Grand Canal Linear Park on Google

Latitude: 33.5114578

Longitude: -112.2207344

Did you know that Grand Canal Linear Park rates 4.4/5 based on 767 total ratings?

Reviews for Grand Canal Linear Park

DJ Wilson

DJ Wilson 2/5 – a month ago

Just went today, nice big playground for kids. Lots of trash blowing around. Park seems like it used to be better, appears a lot of homeless hang out in the covered parts as it looked like they made a temporary home. No kids were playing today, just me and my little girl.

Rachel Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton 4/5 -a week ago

My kids really enjoyed playing at this park. It is a decent sized park with lot of stuff to keep them entertained. It is a little dirty. There was lots of trash scattered around and the rubber coating was missing on part of it. There were quite a few spider webs and I did kill a widow spider that was on part of the playground. But all in all not too bad and will probably go play again.


Cynthia 5/5 -2 months ago

Very family oriented!
Alot of families, playing , walking, riding bikes, walking their dogs and having cook outs.
Even an Ice cream truck was there. We had a great time tonight.
Highly recommended!😃

Photo Courtesy of: Donna Marquez

Desert Star Park

Address: 8550 W Encanto Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA

Main Phone: (602) 262-6575

Visit the Desert Star Park Website

View Desert Star Park on Google

Latitude: 33.4729286

Longitude: -112.2448493

Did you know that Desert Star Park rates 4.1/5 based on 414 total ratings?

Reviews for Desert Star Park

Christina Redondo

Christina Redondo 5/5 -7 months ago

No complaints! It has a bathroom. Plenty of places to sit. In the middle of a nice neighborhood. Good views. No homeless drug addicts overtaking the ramadas! “I gotta say it was a good day.”- Ice Cube

jennifer s

jennifer s 4/5 -8 months ago

Stumbled on this park by accident. Loved that the swings were low enough for my 5 yr old can swing herself. There is sand which she hates getting in her shoes. Lucky for us we had a pair of sky zone socks in the car that she wore and lived her best life.

Brandi Quick

Brandi Quick 3/5 -7 months ago

Good place for kids too burn off some of the covid-19 energy that’s been building up!!

Desert Diamond Casino – West Valley

Address: 9431 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305, USA

Main Phone: (623) 877-7777

Visit the Desert Diamond Casino – West Valley Website

View Desert Diamond Casino – West Valley on Google

Latitude: 33.5485014

Longitude: -112.2618883

Did you know that Desert Diamond Casino – West Valley rates 3.8/5 based on 15092 total ratings?

Reviews for Desert Diamond Casino – West Valley

Caleb Poush

Caleb Poush 5/5 -3 weeks ago

This is a great casino! I love that it’s a non-smoking casino, for one. It’s also brand new, which is nice. The look and feel of the place is very impressive; it’s enjoyable to just be there. They have a TON of slots (the vault is definitely the most fun). But I go for the poker. They all kinds of limit games; great for any skill level. It does get pretty packed on the weekends though which can be a little uncomfortable.

Christopher Love

Christopher Love 3/5 -3 months ago

The difference between DD and other Phoenix area casinos, is that you win at DD period.

This is an updated review from my last review 9mos ago.

Well, I must say that Elvis has certainly left the building at DD/Desert Diamond casino.The thrill is GONE!.. Over the past 3 weeks I have done my own info gathering on DD. I’ve heard that it’s change. My results. I went a few times to play, Lost my shirt. Each time. Although you see jackpots, the question is; how much $$ did it take to hit that jackpot. On my days I went to DD to observe. I noticed that the machines have certainly been tighten. So tight, they squeak. And DD 3.75 ATM fee must be a nice revenue stream. Casino Arizona only charges 2.00 for ATM fee. Huge savings if you are a frequent visit to DD ATM. Plus your bank will access a fee. I also took the time to visit Casino Arizona. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone there. One thing I like and noticed about Casino Arizona. NO more mask! And smoke free. Plus, 24 hours. HUGE!.. DD, you gotta loosen those machines or risk the chance of less customers. Casino Arizona atmosphere has improved as well. So, if your in the mood for late night gaming; Casino Arizona is your best bet. Casino Arizona slots are still tighter than a rubber band twisted a million times. So, if you’re looking to play at DD; hold on to your wallet these days. Anyway, remember; It’s about having fun and hopefully take home some $$. No photos to add of a nice DD win. Casinos are built on customers losing. Until next time

Frank Tulensa

Frank Tulensa 5/5 -5 months ago

Great food! Danny our waiter was Awesome!!! Will make this our date night restaurant, steak has great flavor and tender. Also would like to thank the host! At entry addressed us right away, and made us feel as the night was just ours. Watched her work the floor the entire time we were there; cleared tables, served water, smiled at all and even pulled out chairs to clean off floor.

Mariposa Point at Algodón Center

Address: 3100 N 91st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA

Main Phone: (623) 934-4411

Visit the Mariposa Point at Algodón Center Website

View Mariposa Point at Algodón Center on Google

Latitude: 33.4830108

Longitude: -112.2571698

Did you know that Mariposa Point at Algodón Center rates 5/5 based on 11 total ratings?

Reviews for Mariposa Point at Algodón Center

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott 5/5 -2 months ago

I want to say that from the onset, that everyone that I have come in contact with from LeiAn (Marketing Director) to Kim Jones (Executive Director) and everyone in between have been so outgoing and helpful. The receptionist is so warm and cheerful you just want to reach over and give her a big hug. The one word that I would use to describe this place is… , well I cannot just use one word, but Caring is on the top. Loving and friendly are up there as well. I did have one interaction that was a bit rough but the issue was taken care of immediately and professionally. The grounds of this place are homey and welcoming and the residents here genuinely look happy. If you are looking for a place for yourself or for your loved ones this is a place that you must check out.

Ingrid Meyers

Ingrid Meyers 5/5 -a month ago

This place is amazing! I am so happy to find such a wonderful home for my mother. The decision to place my mom into assisted living was heart wrenching. But LeiAn, Director of Sales, helped me get through the stressful experience. Due to her highly diverse knowledge of care giving, she was able to counsel me through the toughest decision I’ve had to make for my mother. She is very professional, extremely understanding, and has an abundance of energy and patience. She actually cares about you, your loved one, the home, and the well being of all encounters. To me she is an angel!
To say that this is a care facility would not be accurate, this is a CARING facility and there is the huge difference. I am so impressed with all the staff. Emily, Front Desk Concierge, is always there to greet you with a smile and a welcome attitude. Nancy, Head Chef, is amazing and so talented. Christian, Waiter, greets all the guests by name. He remembered my moms name after one day. The nursing staff is very attentive to the needs of my mom. The new Activities Director, Dina, is so positive and energetic. Every staff member I’ve encountered is always friendly. The home is so clean. I have total confidence that my mother is well cared for and loved. Many heartfelt thanks to all! I am very grateful for you!

Steve Dake

Steve Dake 5/5 -3 years ago

Love this place! My parents moved in over a month ago. The care-giving staff is fantastic. They have always responded within minutes when called at all times of the day or night with courteous professional help. The chefs are extraordinary, a full varied menu, and the staff is very accommodating for last minute visitors. They assisted with a family wedding due to the recent unexpected rainstorm. A+

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