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Litchfield Park Arizona

Welcome To Litchfield Park Arizona

Compared to other cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Litchfield Park’s population of 5,476 in 2010 makes it noticeably smaller than its counterparts. Litchfield Park’s population is up by over half from its 2000 low of 3,810, thanks to a trend of sustained growth.

Litchfield has a typical age of 46.7, making up a sizable portion of its population (21.2%) of retirees. We just ranked it as Phoenix’s top retirement community. However, the city’s A-rated primary and high schools have drawn even more families, resulting in a youthful population (29.6% of which are under the age of 25). Two-thirds of Litchfield Park’s population falls between the ages of 45 and 64, with another quarter being made up of persons between the ages of 25 and 44. The city is peaceful and exciting, making it an ideal family setting.

The make-up of its homes reflects this as well. Two thousand five hundred eighty-five people live in the city, and 24.3% are parents with minor children. More than half of all homes are led by married couples, while roughly half of all non-family households are headed by someone 65 or older.

Litchfield Park Arizona Is A Phoenix Suburb In Maricopa County

Litchfield Park is a wealthy Phoenix suburb with a median household income of $73,996. This is 63% more than the average income in Arizona. And its citizens are highly educated; 96 percent have completed high school or its equivalent, and 23.6 percent have completed college or higher education above the undergraduate level.

Litchfield Park has a robust real estate market, and its people can easily afford the typical price of a single-family home or condominium, which is $409,911. Prices start at $142,000 for studio apartments and go up to over $1 million for multi-story homes with dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms. Litchfield Park’s compact, 3.1 square mile footprint is home to only quality, family-friendly neighborhoods full of valuable and well-kept houses, but these extremes mask the town’s uniformity. The crime rate is 81% lower than the rest of the state, making it one of the safest places to live in Arizona.

One of Arizona’s most desirable spots to settle down is in Maricopa County, Litchfield Park. Most people who live in Litchfield Park own their homes, giving the community an atmosphere similar to that of a dense suburban neighborhood. A large number of parks may be found in Litchfield Park. In Litchfield Park, there are a lot of seniors. Hence the population is generally more conservative.

The park was developed to create a natural environment for endangered species. It is home to the most incredible collection of exotic animals in the state of Arizona. It is an absolute must-see location in Litchfield Park for people of all ages who have a passion for animals. Is Litchfield Park open all through the year, and if so, when should I go? A staircase leading down to the swimming area has 130 steps. If you do not want to swim, a viewing platform is located at the top of the waterfalls. The Shady Creek Trek is an easy one-kilometer walk in each direction, beginning near Florence Falls (30mins duration). Easily accessible through a paved road, parking lot, restrooms, and picnic sites.

Population in 2019: 6,436 (94% urban, 6% rural). Population change since 2000: +68.9% Males: 3,269   (50.8%) Females: 3,167   (49.2%) Median resident age: 46.7 years Arizona median age: 38.3 years Zip codes: 85340. Estimated median household income in 2019: $88,549 (it was $71,875 in 2000) Litchfield Park: $88,549 AZ: $62,055 Estimated per capita income in 2019: $44,303 (it was $37,793 in 2000)


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