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Laveen Arizona

Welcome To Laveen Arizona

Laveen, Arizona, located on Phoenix’s southern outskirts, is an unassuming tiny town. Approximately eight miles southwest of Phoenix’s downtown. The median real estate price in Laveen (also known as Laveen Village) is $125,188. Thanks to this average property worth, individuals from all walks of life are drawn to Laveen as a location to call home. Most homeowners want to raise their property values and make their neighborhoods more peaceful.

Laveen Arizona May Be A Small Suburb Of Phoenix AZ

Laveen Arizona is one of the smaller suburbs of Phoenix, with a population of 48,540, making it a relatively tiny town overall. In other words, fewer people live in this area per square mile than in the rest of Phoenix, which may be enticing to confident homebuyers. As opposed to the 2,826 inhabitants per square mile found in the rest of Phoenix, there are just 743. Laveen has a lower high school graduation rate (76.3%) than the rest of the Phoenix metropolitan region (83.1%). Laveen residents can expect to make a typical annual salary of $22,869. Both blue- and white-collar jobs are represented among Laveen’s population. Numerous professionals, office employees, and service providers populate the economy.
In reality, 13-25% of the metropolitan area’s labor force comprises maintenance workers. Since Laveen has an average age lower than the rest of Arizona at 29.9 years, it is often considered a “young” city. Phoenix is younger than the average population, with a median age of 32 years compared to 36 in the rest of Arizona. Both retirees looking for quiet and young people interested in art and alternative lifestyles are drawn to Laveen.

Laveen Arizona Home To Farmers And Dairymen

Farmers and dairymen have lived in Laveen since the town’s inception. Indigenous peoples inhabited it until the late 1800s. The people of Laveen continue to place a premium on community service and mutual support due to the city’s long and storied past. Most of the businesses in Laveen are independently owned and operated. Strolling down the main thoroughfares, one can find a pool hall, barbershop, blacksmith shop, and cotton gin.

Consequently, Laveen is where folks from the Phoenix metropolitan area come on weekends to enjoy a unique break from the norm. Laveen is home to a strong artistic community. The peaceful scenery attracts artists from all across the Phoenix metropolitan region. Merchants in the area frequently acquire works by local artists for display. There are also places where people go to see performances by local artists.

The people of Laveen enjoy an exceptionally tranquil way of life. Some potential residents will enjoy living in South Mountain because of the desert atmosphere it provides. While the scenery is beautiful, residents of this area of Phoenix do not have access to as many modern conveniences as those in neighboring communities. There are still all the essential conveniences you require in daily life, but entertainment options like huge movie theaters and sports arenas are unavailable. When discussing people’s quality of life, it’s essential to include them in their safety. It is projected that 4,156 crimes occur per 100,000 persons in Laveen. There are only 553 violent crimes, and the rest are property crimes. It’s more significant than the statewide average but lower than the rest of the Phoenix metropolitan region. Comparing Laveen to the rest of the Phoenix area, the cost of living here is about the same everywhere. Even so, that’s less than the statewide average for the state of Arizona. Many of the population is drawn to Laveen because it combines big city prices and a pleasant small-town atmosphere. Homebuyers looking to settle down with their families will be pleased to learn that, on average, students in Laveen have higher test scores than students in the greater Phoenix area. The city’s commitment to its residents makes it easy to see why Laveen is such a good choice for families. Numerous public parks and the nearby mountains offer ample space for active recreation outside.

 What Is Laveen ArizonaBest Know For?

Laveen Arizona is a peaceful area that prides itself on its welcoming people. Charity work and community support are priorities for the residents of Laveen. The value placed on artistic expression is characteristic of this culture. There are frequent gatherings in the area for people interested in the visual, performing, and literary arts. People are drawn to Laveen because of its rich cultural history. The neighborhood’s broad spaces are perfect for outdoor and creative activities. In the highlands and foothills close by, day hikes are typical. It’s also notable that Laveen is home to not one but two renowned golf courses. These golf courses provide locals and visitors from the Phoenix metropolitan area with breathtaking vistas of the Estrella Mountains from all eight-teen holes.

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