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Glendale Arizona

Welcome To Glendale Arizona

A city in the West Valley, Glendale Arizona, is located in the northwest portion of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Glendale Arizona was established as a city in 1910, and today it is home to both historic attractions like Sahuaro Ranch Park and cutting-edge entertainment facilities like State Farm Stadium, which will host the Super Bowl in 2008, 2015, and 2023. Sahuaro Ranch Park is one of Glendale’s most popular historic destinations.

You won’t regret moving to Glendale, Arizona, for a job, play, retirement, or even simply a change of scenery. Beautiful sunsets and the White Tanks Mountains may be observed from this location on the western side of the Valley of the Sun. You’ll never be bored in this city, what with the Westgate Entertainment District, Xeriscape Botanical Gardens, the historic downtown, the restored and conserved 19th-century ranches, the festivals, the Summer Band Concert Series, and the many serious spectator sports.

As a city, Glendale Arizona has a vibrant and dynamic sports environment. The Arizona Cardinals play their home games at the University of Phoenix Stadium, which also hosts the annual Fiesta Bowl. The Gila River Arena is home to the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL, and Spring Training games for the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers may be seen there. There is an abundance of golf courses, parks, gyms, bike lanes, and hiking trails for those who would rather be active than passive spectators.

Our city of Glendale Arizona

Glendale Az with its 250,784 residents and approximately 2,000 employees, strives to be the community of choice for anyone who are looking to live, work, or play in the metropolitan Phoenix area. You Belong Here is the attitude that we want people to feel about our community, and it is indicative of our goal; we strive to better the lives of the individuals that we serve on a daily basis. This is the meaning behind our tagline. You Belong Here whether you’re a scholar of the past or a follower of a professional sports team. You Belong Here, whether you’re a resident, a business owner, a visitor, or an employee of the city, and we’re going to prove it through our exceptional customer service and unmatched quality of life. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, a visitor, or an employee of the city, you belong here.

The Glendale Municipal Airport benefits from a location that puts it in close proximity to a number of the Valley of the Sun’s most popular destinations as well as key thoroughfares. The airport can be found slightly west of Loop 101, about 107th Avenue, 10 minutes north of I-10, and 20 minutes west of I-17. It is located at the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Glen Harbor Blvd. The airport is acting as a driving force behind the expansion of commercial and residential construction in western Glendale.

Pros and Cons of Living in Glendale

There are benefits and drawbacks to calling Glendale home, just as there are in every community. Let’s be realistic about what it would take to make this desert metropolis your new home.


The sunsets over the White Tanks Mountains are among of the most magnificent in the world.

Strategically placed, Glendale is a must-stop for any road trippers. In less than six hours, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Tucson can all be reached by car.

Fall, winter, and spring are the best times of year to visit Glendale. Mornings and nights are cold, while the days are pleasant and dry.

Sports – Glendale is home to the Arizona Cardinals and Coyotes, and the Arizona Diamondbacks and Suns play within 15 miles of Glendale Arizona. Spring Training baseball is also held in Arizona. About half of the Major League teams use the Glendale region as a spring training base.

Aerospace and defense, marquee sports, and tourism all contribute to Glendale’s diverse economic foundation.


The weather in Glendale during the summer is best described as severe. Daily highs in July typically reach 106 degrees. You may feel like you’re walking into an oven, but you’ll soon discover that staying hydrated and inside will help you get through even the hottest days.

The monsoon season coincides with the hottest months of the year (July and August) and brings with it heavy rains and strong winds. Beautiful as they may be, these strong and quick-forming thunderstorms can cause flash flooding, hail damage, and high humidity.

Some locals don’t enjoy the flavor of Glendale’s municipal water supply. Though it’s drinkable, it’s not likely to be particularly tasty. The convenience of having water delivered to their door is appreciated by many.

There can be a lot of traffic in Glendale due to the city’s high population and high concentration of sports arenas, malls, restaurants, and other points of interest. If you want to avoid traffic jams, it’s important to keep an eye out for road closures and announcements.

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