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Ozone Therapy Is Working Against Covid 19

The Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinica in Ibiza, Spain announced the Medical Team is utilizing Ozone therapy in treating Covid-19 patients with promising clinical success.

Their most recent Press release stated, “Many patients who were about to be intubated and connected to mechanical ventilation have, thanks to ozone therapy, not only avoided it but improved to the point of not requiring oxygen with just a few treatment sessions.”

“We are seeing improvements in Covid 19 patients after just 2 or 3 treatment sessions. Ozone therapy has the benefit of improving oxygenation at the tissue level and therefore reducing the inflammatory response brought on by the Corona Virus.

Representatives of Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic were quoted:

“In Spain, only we have begun to administer it with the mandatory authorization of the Quality Committee of the hospital centre, and the results have been spectacular,” says Dr. Alberto Hernández, Assistant Physician for Anesthesia and Resuscitation at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic in Ibiza.

“We have registered a clinical trial, but we need to tell the world that Ozone is a very effective and beneficial therapy in these patients and that we must immediately incorporate it into the treatment of these patients.”


Dr. José Baeza, President of the Spanish Society of Ozone Therapy and Vice President of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy, states that “given the absence of an effective treatment or a vaccine and in the context of the current health emergency ” All hospitalized patients should receive Ozone therapy as the clear benefit is evident, and Ozone therapy has no significant side effects.”

Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic Received Approval On April 4th, 2020

Following a presentation on the potential benefits of Ozone therapy at a medical scientific session, the Centre’s group of experts in Covid-19 infection: Drs Montserrat Viñals and Asunción Pablos, from the Internal Medicine service, Dr. Adriana Martín from the Service of Intensive Medicine, and Dr. María Victoria Velasco from the Emergency Service of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinica in Ibiza, gave their approval to the protocol for the administration of Ozone in patients with Covid-19 presented by Dr. Alberto Hernández.

The First Covid 19 Ozone Therapy Patient

A 49-year-old man who was in ICU admission, was deteriorating rapidly and the doctors knew his lungs were oxygenating poorly. Although Intubation and connection to a ventilator was scheduled, but amazingly, after the first session of Ozone therapy, the improvement was significant and oxygen requirements could be decreased.

Dr. Alberto Hernández explained that “the improvement after the first session of Ozone treatment was spectacular. We were surprised, his respiratory rate normalized, his oxygen levels increased, and we were able to stop supplying him with as much oxygen since the patient was able to oxygenate himself. To our surprise, when we carried out an analytical control, we observed how Ferritin, an analysis determination that is being used as a prognostic marker in this disease, not only had not followed the upward trend, but had decreased significantly; that decline continued in the following days. This result encouraged us to administer it to other patients who are following the same improvement as our first patient. “


Corona Virus Ventilator Protocols Are Just Not Working.

Is it possible that ventilators for Covid 19 are in fact causing more harm than good? Governor Cuomo has stated in his briefings that the longer the patient is on a ventilator the more likely they will not come off the ventilator. New York city representatives have stated that approximately 80% of Corona virus patients who are on ventilators have died.

Covid 19 Ventilator Treatment Kills 80%

So, What does a ventilator do for you?

A ventilator is a machine that uses forced air and oxygen, essentially this machine causes forced breathing. If a patient lapses into critical illness intensive care protocols recommend ventilation via a ventilator. The patient is also sedated while on the ventilator. Meanwhile Covid 19 which has a propensity to attack the lungs and continues to so. The sedation decreases your immune system while your lungs are actually trying to increase their innate immune response to fight off the viral infection.

Ozone Therapy For Corona Virus Treatment

It appears that lung response to Covid-19 Is more like a high-altitude sickness where the person just unable to get enough oxygen. At high altitude, there is less oxygen in the air that you breathe. This means that all of the blood from all areas of the lungs, is relatively short on oxygen or hypoxic.

Unfortunately, the lungs still respond to the shortage of oxygen in the same way: by tightening the blood vessels. This results pulmonary edema and the lung response is hyperventilation and elevated heart rate, in attempt adequately supply oxygen to your tissues.

Corona Virus Protocols Not Working

The problem is that the lung tissue immune response to Covid 19 causes a cascade of secretions that are typically not present in Pneumonia. The response of the lungs but is more like you were at the top of Mt. Everest and you couldn’t breathe. Your lungs actually fill with secretions and you are gasping for oxygen.

It gets worse as time goes on, you really can’t oxygenate your blood, even with the ventilator, so your Oxygen levels are very low. Your lungs eventually become very fragile and the high pressure of the ventilator causes further damage to the lungs.

A cat scan of the lungs at this time will show a “ground glass” like appearance of the lung tissue. This is caused by the patient’s response to oxygen starvation. There is a distinct possibility that the high pressure from the ventilators may actually be causing this reaction to be much worse. Especially considering that the lung tissue is in a weakened state of being.  Concurrently, this causes your blood oxygen levels to drop to 40 or 50 when they need to be at 95 to 100%.

Did I mention while all of this is happening Covid 19 wants your hemoglobin for its food source?

Hemoglobin is what allows oxygenation of your blood stream. Your red blood cells carry O2 in the form of hemoglobin which is a protein that attaches to iron. When you loose iron (FE) you lose your ability to carry oxygen. You are starving for oxygen, your losing iron which secrets through your lung tissues and causes an oxidative reaction and a massive inflammatory cascade of free radicals which leads to scar tissue formation. This is also called a cytokine storm. Also Free iron in the body is very, very toxic and dangerous. This is one of the things that’s creating the ground glass like appearance in the lungs.

Ozone Therapy For Covid 19 Treatment

There Are No Specific Medical Protocols For Viral Pneumonia. Bring on Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy utilizes (O3) ozone, a colorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms. Ozone therapy has been in use and studied for over 150 years. Ozone therapy can be delivered by insufflation, barometric transfusion, IV delivery and direct injection, to treat a variety of health issues. Ozone therapy activates, improves and modulates the immune system improving Oxygen uptake by the bloodstream.

Ozone is a very strong antiviral sometimes working in seconds once introduced to the human body. Let’s discuss how Ozone works as an antiviral. Think of yourself as a virus trying to get into a cookie jar which represents your cells. Imagine your fingers as you reach to pull the lid off the cookie jar (Your cells) as the components of the virus that penetrate into your cells. These “fingers” are made up of certain amino acid residues, especially cysteine and tryptophan. These viral fingers are bonded to the virus by a substance known as sulfhydryl & Thiol groups. Think of these as your knuckles. These knuckles are very vulnerable to oxidation and in actuality Ozone therapy is oxidation at it’s best. So, the Ozone therapy actually cuts the fingers right off at the knuckles and therefore they can’t enter your cells. Plus, the rest of the virus or viral proteins are left behind, and your immune system will recognize these proteins as foreign and will develop anti bodies against those viral proteins.

Bring on Hydroxychloroquine- How does it help?

Hydroxychloroquine is an anti-malarial drug that acts to allow zinc to enter your cells and disrupt the virus from replicating itself and also works to prevent the virus from stealing your hemoglobin. Most importantly Hydroxychloroquine is purported to suppress the innate immune response by the lungs as described above.

So, your bodily reaction to Covid 19 is actually a hyper response by your immune system. So much so that the immune system over modulates and becomes almost ineffective and looses its ability to self-regulate and Hydroxychloroquine is claimed to calm this hypersensitive immune response so that your immune system can then work against the cytokine storm. This drug has been in use for about 70 years and is inexpensive.

You Can Contact the Author Dr. John Quackenbush here.

DISCLAIMER: There are no clinical studies that proves Ozone therapy and/or Hydroxychloriquine are a cure for Corona Virus infection. Ozone Therapy is not approved by the FDA

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