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Avondale Arizona

Welcome To Avondale Arizona. Arizona’s Thirteenth Largest City

Are you curious about the quality of life in Avondale, Arizona? Are the schools of high quality? Is Avondale, AZ, safe? What are the answers? YES! Continue reading to learn the reason why.
So how can a corporation in Arizona that rents out storage units know what it’s like to live in Avondale? Because we’ve been here, serving the community in Arizona since 1989! Nearly 90000 people live in the highly populated suburb of Avondale in the Phoenix metropolitan area. There are a lot of young families in this area, and there are plenty of parks for them to choose from to keep everyone happy. But the issue that needs to be answered is: is Avondale, Arizona, a pleasant location to live? In this article, we’ll look at that question and provide you with a solution! Continue reading if you plan on visiting Avondale so that you may learn more about it!

How Would You Rate Avondale Arizona As A Whole?

On average, many different rating services rated Avondale as a B city. It is ranked as the 19th best suburb in the Phoenix area. We used a total of six criteria to arrive at our final score. Positive attributes include public education, affordable housing, a family-friendly environment, low crime rates, exciting nightlife, and a diverse population. To answer the question “is Avondale, AZ a nice place to live?” with a single word: yes. Avondale is an excellent area to live, earning a grade of B.
Avondale, Arizona School.

The overall quality of public education is considered B, or “not terrible but not ideal.” Out of the 46 public schools in our community, 16 are deemed “A” or “A-” quality. That’s fantastic news, and it suggests that their educational system is functioning smoothly. That’s crucial if you have a young family (obviously). If your children attend good schools, they will have more significant opportunities in their future. Avondale scores highly when measured against other cities with similar quality of life-based on its educational opportunities.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Avondale Arizona

Avondale’s nearly perfect score (99.7/100) puts it on par with the rest of the country. In a way, that’s good news, because it means we aren’t any more expensive. Avondale is not the place to go if you want to significantly reduce your expenditures compared to other significant cities. You won’t pay an obscene premium compared to other cities, though. (Attack, New York, L.A., and Miami!) Utilities are the sole expense over the national average, at 103.6/100. Every other factor is roughly equivalent. Regarding the cost of living, Avondale is a great spot to settle down.

Is Avondale Arizona Safe?

Overall, Avondale receives a grade of B for its crime and safety. This isn’t ideal, but it’s also not the worst thing. The severe crime rate in this area is encouraging news because it is far lower than the average for the nation. Unfortunately, theft is around 40% higher, so be sure all your doors and windows are always locked. The majority of the city can be traversed in complete confidence. It will help if you avoid areas with a high crime rate, as in all American cities. Additionally, most of Avondale’s residents will tell you that the neighborhood is peaceful and secure if you read evaluations. So, is Avondale, AZ safe? The vast majority of people here agree that, sure, it is.

What Is The Lowdown on Avondale Arizona Weather Conditions

A resounding yes is the only answer we can provide to this inquiry! Avondale will be ideal for you if you want hot, sunny weather and very low humidity levels. We never get any snow, and it is dry and largely clear throughout the year. (The temperature will only sometimes fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.) Nearly ideal conditions prevail from the end of May to the end of September. (July, as should come as no surprise, is the hottest month of the year.) The daily average temperature is 73 degrees during the so-called winter season! According to some, this hardly qualifies as winter at all. If the climate were the only factor to consider when choosing a place to live, Avondale would be at the top of your list.
Maricopa County, Arizona, is home to the thriving city of Avondale, which is projected to have a population of 92,363 by the year 2020. As a result, it is the 13th largest city in the state and the 369th largest city in the country. Avondale’s population has been increasing at an astounding rate of 2.46% every year, which amounts to a 21.15% growth since 2010 when it reached its highest-ever recorded population of 76,238 residents. Having grown at such a rapid rate, they’ve expanded from 10 square miles to 45 square miles now.
Avondale has a poverty rate of 13.21% while having an average income of $75,601 per year. The median monthly cost of renting a home comes in at just under $1,200, and the median price of a home in this market is approximately $215,000. The area is on the rise right now because the median age of the people is only 30 years old.

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